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    Online Gaming REgister System 6.0.2

    Alternative gaming event management

    OGRe is a management system primarily used by Justus Productions to helps gamering coordinators organize and players sign up for gaming events. It is designed for events of all sizes, but primairly gaming conventions and game days. Any event that signs JustUs Produtions up to run their gaming will get OGRe along with us.

    Current RonCon (Ron McClung) OGRe Schedule

    The current configuration of this instance of OGRe is set for RonCon (Ron McClung) » RonCon Fall 2016. Click the button below to go to the Schedule page (or Use the left Side Menu and click Event Schedule). The current convention viewed can be changed by clicking the Change Con button in the upper right corner.

    This is web site is for the Game/Event Schedule ONLY. Location and Con Registration information can be found on the Con Web site.

    OGRe Event List

    These are all the events that OGRe is currently supporting. To activate your account and register for games, you must be registered for the convention or gaming event first. Click on the event link for more information. * = Current event this instance of OGRe is set to.

    Convention NameDatesLocationGo to Schedule

    OGRe Organization List

    Below is a comprehensive list of other convention organizations that are supported by OGRe. Click the "Go to OGRe" to see the latest Convention Gaming Schedule for that Organization..

    Organization NameGo to OGRe Site
    Justus Productions Go To OGRe
    RonCon (Ron McClung) Go To OGRe
    RonCon Fall 2016 Gaming Sign Up is Closed