mini-mace 2019 Game Sign Up Closes After January 26, 2019

Online Gaming REgister System 7.0

Alternative gaming event management

OGRe is a management system primarily used by Justus Productions to helps gamering coordinators organize and players sign up for gaming events. It is designed for events of all sizes, but primairly gaming conventions and game days. Any event that signs JustUs Produtions up to run their gaming will get OGRe along with us.

Current Justus Productions OGRe Schedule

mini-mace 2019

The current configuration of this instance of OGRe is set for Justus Productions »mini-mace 2019. Click the button below to go to the Schedule page (or Use the left Side Menu and click Event Schedule). The current convention viewed can be changed by clicking the Change Con button in the upper right corner. This is web site is for the Game/Event Schedule ONLY. Location and Con Registration information can be found on the Con Web site.

mini-mace 2019 Online Gaming Registation Is Open. During the convention, On-Site Registration will be available at the con until 6 pm Saturday night of the convention. You can also use OGRe all weekend through a laptop, tablet or other mobile device (mobile access allows limited functionality).

A board game library will be available and you are welcome to bring games. Unfortunately, because the library is constantly changing, we do not have a working list of games in the library, however. Please contact Jeff Smith if you have any questions regarding the game library.

With recent changes made to OGRe code, EVERYONE will have to reset their passwords.If you have not logged into OGRe since our last event (MACE West 2018 or ConCarolinas 2018), then you will have to reset your password.

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You Must reset your password

WIth rececnt changes made to OGRe, EVERYONE will have to reset their passwords.

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OGRe Activation back online!

Email functionaliuty has returned to normal. When you register for MACE events through our PayPal buttons, you should recieve an activation code as normal. You may noticed some changes here and there, mostly cosmetic, because the interfaces is being enhanced and updated slowly but surely. A lot of old formatting is getting changed, mostly to help the mobile side of things. Please feel free to contact us if you see a bug or problem. I work on this in my free time but I don't always see the problems you do.


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OGRe Activation Code Email System Down

Technical difficulties have disabled the JustUs Activation Code Email system temporarily. If you paid for a MACE 2018 membership after June 17, 2018, you more than likely did not recieve an Activation Code for OGRE. The connection between OGRe and PayPal has been temporary taken down do to new security protocols that we are endeavoring to meet.

In the meantime, please contact the Gaming Coordinator to ahve your account activated manually. Sorry for the inconvenience.

7/20/2018 UPDATE: OK, we have made some progress. Activation Codes are now being generated!! But I am not entirely sure they are actually being emailed out automatically. So if you did not get an email, you will have to retrieve it through the system.

I have also started work on something called a personal Dashboard - My Dashboard (under My Profile right now, but that might change). It's under construction now. I usually work in a development environment so you can't see the new developments until they are done but with the transition to a new site, I have not had time to build a development site. So I am working in production. :-)

I am working on several tools that people have asked for (and some I made up) that I hope can help your experience at MACE events better.I can't promise that these tools will be done by next MACE but I will get what I can done.

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OGRe Event List

These are all the events that OGRe is currently supporting. To activate your account and register for games, you must be registered for the convention or gaming event first. Click on the event link for more information. * = Current event this instance of OGRe is set to.

Convention NameDatesLocationGo to Schedule
Jan 26, 2019Kernersville, NC Schedule
MACE West 2019Mar 01, 2019 - Mar 03, 2019Asheville, NC Schedule
MACE 2019Nov 08, 2019 - Nov 10, 2019Charlotte, NC Schedule

OGRe Organization List

Below is a comprehensive list of other convention organizations that are supported by OGRe. Click the "Go to OGRe" to see the latest Convention Gaming Schedule for that Organization..

Organization NameGo to OGRe Site
4DS/Shadowcon Go To OGRe
ConCarolinas, Inc. Go To OGRe
Justus Productions Go To OGRe
RonCon (Ron McClung) Go To OGRe
RoundCon Go To OGRe