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OGRe or Online Gaming Registration is a web application designed by Ron McClung for JustUs Productions events to help gamers organize and sign up for gaming and convention events. Use it to browse our schedule of events, sign up for events, keep track of your schedule and propose events that you want to host.

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What is OGRe?

OGRe is a Online Gaming Registration system written out of a need. As I (Ron McClung) worked for several conventions, I needed an online gaming registration system to work for all of them. With the input of several gamers, I developed a design that worked for most gamers. At the same time, I was self-teaching myself the languages required to write it, so there may still be the occasional bug.

Right now, OGRe is used by Justus Productions (organizers of MACE and mini-mace) and any event that Justus Productions does gaming for. There have been several iterations of OGRe and through the years, as I have time, i have added and modified many features. OGRe 4.0 is a significant advancement in OGRe, eliminating most of the pop-ups and using AJAX to implement some functionality. OGRe 5.0 (2015) is an advancement off of 4.0, integrating a more mobile freindly interface for at least the major areas of use. Some of the admin functions work better on PC but at least the schedule and registration fucntionality will work better on mobile than in the past.

The philosophy behind OGRe is this:

Anyone can view the schedule in the various ways we present it.  Important to us was a means to filter and search for the games you are looking for plus provide a means to see organized play RPGs in a way that is more friendly to those that play them.  At the same time, we wanted to be mindful of those that do not play organized play RPGs and those that do not play RPGs at all. 

Secondly, the concept of ACTIVATION.  It is strictly for those that want to register for games.  You do not need to be activated for anything else other than to register for events/games.  The idea behind that is to drive people to preregister for the event first and then give them the privilege of registering for gaming events as a benefit.  We did not want to simply allow anyone to register for gaming events.  Why preregister then? So remember, ACTIVATION is for registering for games, that is all.

Thirdly, OGRe allows anyone to propose gaming events for the current convention or game day that OGRe is configured for.  NO ACTIVATION IS NECESSARY TO PROPOSE GAMES!  If your games are accepted and scheduled, your account will automatically be activated.

Browser Compatibility?

This view is not compatible with Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome, not IE. If the schedule does not display after clicking the button or if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail Gaming Coordinator.

Where is your Mobile version?!

This site was not originally designed with Mobile in mind. Much of the schedule has been converted to be as mobile friendly as possible but certain aspects as best view on larger screens like tablets or laptops rather than phones..

User Interface

Search Criteria Explanations

The games listed in the Game Name dropdown are all the games on the current schedule.

The Time Slots are all the slots on the current schedule.

If you select ALL in all criteria, to view all of the schedule, expect the a few second delay as the data is gathered.


What does my Status mean?


Inactive/Limited Access

You can not sign up for games but you can still propose events as a game master or event coordinator. Once your proposals are accepted, and on the schedule, you account will be automatically activated.

Active/Full Access

You have registered for the con (either as a game master/event coordinator or by paying for the registration fee), you can register for games and still can propose games, if you wish to.

I did not receive my Activation Code

Activation Codes are a thing of the past. We have re-designed the security of OGRe so activation happens automatically. If is not the case for you, then either you entered in the wrong email when you registers or misspelled it. Contact us for a manual activation.

Game Masters and Activation


I am a Game Master (with games on the OGRe schedule). How do I get it activated?

If you have games on the OGRe schedule for the current event, then you should have an account and that account will be automatically be activated. If you do not have an account, contact the Gaming Coordiantor. If you do have an account but do not see your games in My Schedule, contact the Gaming Coordinator, he probably has the wrong email address for you.


I would like to be an Organized Play Judge. Do I have to pay to sign up to be a judge?

No, you do not. We would prefer that you didn't. You need to contact the Organized Play coordinator and/or the Gaming Coordinator and one of those two will activate your account. You can not sign up as a GM until your account is manually activated and you are given GM permissions.

Registering for Games/Events

How do I Register for Games?

OGRe is currently designed with a single central database. Once you have an account in OGRe, you can use that account for any con using the OGRe system (unless they choose to isolate their own copy of the database).

Inactive Account

Once you have an account in OGRe, your account is inactive until you register for that particular con. ACTIVATION is strictly for preregistering for gaming events.

Activating Account and Activation Code

In order to register for gaming events schedule for the current convention or game day, you must have an active account. To have your account activated, pleases register for the convention first and use the email address assocaited to your OGRE account when you do so. This should activate your account automatically.

PLEASE NOTE that the Activation Code was sent to the email address that is tied to the PayPal transaction used to register for the event.  If you used an existing PayPal account, refer to that account's email address for your Activation Code.

Once you have your Activation Code, go to the Inactive link in the upper right hand corner after logging in and follow the instructions that follow.

Other events that Justus Productions may be involved with may not allow OGRe access to their online registration records, and if that is the case, your account must be manually activated.  Email the gaming coordinator to request a manual activation for the particular con.

Did Not Pay through PayPal

If you did not register through PayPal (i.e. you emailed it in or something), you need to contact the gaming coordinator stating that fact so he can verify it with registration.  You account must be activated manually.

We do not want someone registering for games that did not pay for their con registration. So we have to verify that the money is sent. The gaming coordinator is not always aware of the mail-in registrations, as Registration is a separate department usually. Please email the gaming coordinator a week or so after you mailed in your con registration and have him verify it has been received. If it has not been, wait another week and email him again. You need to stay in constant contact with the gaming coordinator to verify your con regsitration has been received.

Once it has been received and verified, the gaming coordinator can activate your account.


I see games set up for 2 or 3 hour slots and then games set up for 4 hours that I know won't take that long? How many times is that game going to run and which game am I preregistering for?

There are several reasons we may schedule longer slot for games. In general, it is an attempt to be as flexible as possible for as many games and game masters as possible. More speifically, we do it one of two ways on a game hy game basis:

(1) Used fixed slot time, 1 game session per slot. For example, if you think one session is going to take 2 hours, we can schedule 2 two hour slots. However, you have to be done in 2 hours for whatever is next to take over. You may or may not have buffer time between slots, depending on table availability. For shorter slots, this also assumes that the game is either easy to teach or the session is not planned to be a learning game.

(2) Run the 4 hour slot flexibly. From a preregistration persepective, the people that sign up count for the first slot and get priority. On site, we allow for over flow and walk ups so you can fill the second slot with those.

What do the ratings mean?

RATINGS: All Ratings are rated from 1 to 10, where level 1 is minimal and level 10 is maximum. RP = Roleplaying Rating (for RPGs primarily) a rating of the level of role play, as opposed to tactics and combat, is going to be expected in the game; PS = Puzzle Solving Rating (for any type of game) a rating of the level of puzzle and/or problem solving involved in the game. ACT = Action Rating (for any type of game) the level of how much action, tactics or combat is involved in playing the game; CLX = Complexity (any type of game) is a measure of the general complexity of the game rules system.

What does the Maturity Rating mean?

In general, it denotes whether the game is apporpriate for younger players. In some cases, it is because of content but not all cases. In some cases, it is because of complexity or involvement. Or it may be as simple as the GM may not be confortable with younger players. In general, a younger player should always consult their parent and in some younger cases, be accompanied by an adult, before signing up for games. Unless the game is specifically designed and prepared for kids, all game will have a PG rating.

Sign Up column is displaying a Date? What does this mean?

If a date is displayed in the Sign Up column, Preregistration will open then. If Sign-Up is displayed, the game is open to preregistration for anyone who has paid their con registration. If there is a "-" displayed, then the game is not open for preregistration and players can only sign up AT the convention gaming registration table.

Why are some games Full when they have X number of players and some games still open for registration?

Chances are, the games that are still open are organized play RPGs. Organized play allows for overflow players in case the coordinator is able to final another GM. Because organized play is more structured (fixed adventures for RPGs), it is just a matter of finding a GM that can run that particular game. For non-organized play, in most cases, the game is unique and not as easy to deal with overflow.

Why are some games open and some games closed after the Gaming Preregistration Close date?

Chances are, the games that are still open are organized play RPGs. Organized play typically does not need any prep work before the con, so they do not need to close their registration. Non-organized play games (one shot RPGs, board games, card games, demos, etc.), in most cases, there is some prep work before the con that we have to do so we need a freeze point in the online data. For those games, gaming regsitration will pick back up at the con where you can sign up on site.


Do the RPGs have pre-generated characters?

It is the policy of JustUs Productions that all GMs of general play RPGs have pre-gens available. Some special events or advaned organized play will require you have a character. You will have to consult with the indivual coordinator for those games to determine what the rules are for character generation.

Do I have to know how to play to join?

Absolutely not. It is also JustUs Productions policy to require all GMs to be prepared to teach the game.

OGRe Terms and Definitions

Organization - The Organization is the company or group that is hosting and organizing the event that OGRe is needed for.

Event - Event references the specific convention or game day.

Schedule - The collection of game events that always includes three basic things - What, Where and When for all game events.

Game - The physical (or virtual) product that is being played.

Game Event - Single element of the schedule that at least has three basic pieces of information about the game being played - What, Where, and When. Within the context of the schedule, sometmes this is also called Game or Event.

Non-Gaming Event - Subset of Game Event that defines things like panels, auction, volunteer shifts and other schedule elements.

Organized Play Gaming Event - Often abbreviated OP, Organized Play are living campaigns and organized tournaments usually sponsored or supported in some way by the publishing company of the game. In an Organized Play RPG campaign, People have a character in those settings already and go from one event to the next playing in pre-published adventures gaining experience and growing their character as they go along. Pathfinder Society is an example of Organized Play RPG campaigns.


- Any general questions about our schedule, our events or GMing.

- (Includes PFS, D&s;D AL, and SRM. Please place the specific Organized Play group in the subject line.